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A diverter valve was needed to split the flow of fertiliser from the top of an elevator. Fertiliser tends to build up and form a hard coating so MID designed a diverter to handle this difficult, abrasive, hot and cohesive product. The valve body is made with inspection hatches and is our usual very heavy duty design- the shafts were 100mm diameter and each bearing weighed in at an impressive 25kg- and there were 4 on each valve.

Each unit came with 2 vanes, each controlled using an Auma 4-20mA positioning actuator. As the valve flap had to overcome some large forces, MID worked with Auma to provide a solution using a combination of multi-turn and worm-wheel actuators. The torque of the units, when set at only 25% of their output, was 9600Nm, nearly 8 times the torque of a Bugatti Veyron.

Located on the top floor of the process tower, the valves are designed for longevity and minimal maintenance while being extremely robust to handle the difficult nature of the fertiliser. The package included supply and on-site commissioning of the valves.


The valve is around 8 feet tall:


3 way diverter