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It weighs 3 tonnes, is designed to be refurbished from the start and has our unique mechanical seals for minimal maintenance.

Tata Chemicals uses its own in-house designed rotary valves, manufactured when they were ICI back in the 1950s. The valves have been repaired over and over again and they're running out of metal to recondition. We have designed a valve to slot straight in but with up to date technology and a design that can be reconditioned over and over again, each time bringing the valve back to "as new" condition.

We've also incorporated wear protection technology on the body and rotor to give increased longevity for the valve, again reducing maintenance and downtime as the valves are a critical part of Tata's production. With a 1.2m diameter rotor weighing a tonne, this is no lightweight and has been designed to be tough, long lasting and easy to repair when worn.


Large 48" rotary valve